Top Pocket Knife Brands

Selecting the very best 3 pocket knives from hundreds really is not always easy. Stuff that were taken into account quality, durability, affordability, design and recognition. Thinking about each one of these things, you will find certainly other good brands available, however these are my 5 best picks.

1) Gerber Knives. Due to their history, durability and big, wide range of products, Gerber is towards the top of our list. Gerber started in 1939 by Pete Gerber. Certainly one of their most widely used products may be the LMF II which won Field and Streams “The best Inch award in addition to along with two IFA worldwide knife awards. They’ve a large number of various kinds of products, from Utility blades, survival knives, tools, fishing, hunting, folding, straight blade plus much more.

2) Kershaw knives could be my number two pick. Kershaw took its begin in Portland Or in 1974. It had been created with a ex-Gerber worker. Kershaw focused on kitchen utensils, outside and pocket knives. In the blade show in Georgia in 2005 it won 4 major awards using the greatest award being Overall knife of the season.

3) Swiss Army Knives are # 3. Among the finest reasons for Swiss Army is the recognition among almost everybody, kids, teens and adults. They’re very practical due to the many attachments and processes they’ve. A few of the newer models have flash drives! The majority are fairly affordable so anybody are able to afford them. Swiss Army knives are extremely durable and when taken proper care of, may last a existence time.

Hopefully their list continues to be useful and may help in making educated decision. A few of the big brands that made the honorable mention, although not the very best 3 are Cold Steel, Maxam, Spyderco, Remington, Rage and Buck knives.


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